Children (3-9) and Family Programming

Children and Family Programs

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Ted E. Bear Hollow facilitates peer support by creating a space for “kids to be kids” through a variety of methods including: play, music, art, and reflective sharing. Because grief is a beneficial reaction to death, it is not, in and of itself, a problem to be “fixed,” but rather a new reality to learn to live with. Our hope is that participants feel safe to share their story and to find support from others who are grieving. Our groups are formed based on age and/or developmental level. Every group is different, but generally the younger groups spend more time expressing themselves through activity and play. On this page, you will find our children (age 3-9) and family program offerings. Rest assured that if you have children who fall into multiple programs based on their ages, you’ll all be attending the same support groups at the same place and time. 

All of the following programs are free and unlimited, and our vision is to make them as accessible as possible. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you require any special accommodations.

8-Session Family Support Groups

Our 8-Session Support Groups are a great choice for families who are ready to dive a little deeper and make a bigger time and attendance commitment. In this curriculum-based program, the same families attend for all 8 sessions as they progress through a series of grief-related topics. Having the same people in your group fosters trust and comfort which promotes more significant progress and better outcomes. Youth and adults work with trained facilitators in separate age/developmentally-scaled small groups aside from our full-group opening and closings. 

When: 8-session family bereavement groups run 4 times per year, alternating between Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Our next session runs March 25th – May 13th (MONDAYS) 

Where: In-person at 7811 Farnam Drive, Omaha, NE 68114

Time: 6:30-7:45PM for 8 weeks

Open to youth ages 3-18 and their adult caregiver(s). 

Youth/Tween/Teen Special Events with Band of the Strong

Our special programming, in partnership with Band of the Strong is created for grieving youth aged 10-18 are incredible opportunities for youth to build a community with others their own age who just “get it.”

Events are hosted quarterly and incorporate things like fishing, hiking, photography, painting, writing, and even staying overnight at the Omaha Zoo in June! 

Creative Nights are held March – May (see registration form linked below for specific dates). 

 Open to kids age 10-18 who have had a significant person in their lives die. 

Reach out to with any questions. 

Tinsel & Tears

The hustle and bustle of holidays can be especially challenging for people who are grieving. Tinsel & Tears is an opportunity to carve out dedicated time and space to remember loved ones and to make new holiday memories, while honoring the old. These day camps are filled with festive music, crafts, and activities. Whole families and-or groups of friends sign up and participate together alongside other participants and volunteers. There are plenty keepsakes and snacks to take home!

Join us in-person OR register to pick up a take-home kit. Click the link below for registration and time block options.

Open to youth ages 3-18 and their attending caregiver(s)/extended family & friends. 


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“Ted E. Bear Hollow has helped me a lot, and I wouldn’t be as happy and as confident as I am now.”

Kaari – Grieving the death of Adam, father


“Ted E. Bear Hollow taught be that it’s okay to be sad and that I’m not alone.”

Neely – Grieving the death of Dillon, uncle