Mustaches for Kids Omaha has chosen us as one of their main Charity Partners for 2024!

We are over the moon excited and want to share how you can get involved in the fundraising mahem! You get to have fun, grow a cool stache and raise money so we can keep providing FREE grief support to kiddos age 3-18 and adults. 

The deadline to register is May 1, 2024.

It’s also fun if you recruit friends to grow with us, so let us know if you can think of other interested growers.

Here are our three easy steps to success:

  • Step One: Register to grow and be sure to choose The Collective for Hope as your designated charity.
  • Register Here (it says 2023, but it takes you to the 2024 form): 2023 Mustaches for Kids Omaha Grower
  • Of Note: you will be asked for a “mustache name” 
  • Step Two: Grow a mustache and get friends and family to donate.
  • Step Three: Make a bunch of FRIENDS, do COOL STUFF, and RAISE MONEY TO HELP KIDS 

Official M4K Calendar of Events 

04.28.24 – Selleck Sunday (Clancy’s) 3:00

05.02.24 – CLEAN SHAVE!!  (Brewsky’s)  6:00

05.09.24 – Mustache Trivia (Redeye/RTG)  7:00

05.16.24 – Mustache Melee (Stocks n Bonds)  6:00

05.23.24 – Magnum P.I. Night (Observatory)  6:00

06.01.24 – Stache Bash!!  (Slowdown)  6:00

Questions?! Email our Executive Director and longtime M4K Grower, Cliff McEvoy at